Floor Spinner (48 Pocket)

Birch plywood + acrylic floor spinner with 48 pockets & brand topper

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With an INK MEETS PAPER® branded display, easily highlight bestselling or seasonal cards for your customers. Modern & minimalist display style works with a variety of shop aesthetics. Space-saving design means you can easily add an assortment of cards to complement your other products.

Our premium floor spinner offers your customers a wide selection of INK MEETS PAPER greeting cards without taking up lots of valuable floor space. This spinner includes a wooden brand block that attaches to the top to provide additional INK MEETS PAPER brand details.

Birch plywood + acrylic floor spinner contains 48 pockets, and accommodates 6 cards per style for a total of 288 units.

Display Dimensions: 16″WIDE x 62″TALL

Made in the USA.

Ships flat with instructions for quick and easy assembly.

Bestselling Styles